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Clifford AVG4 & Blitz TT

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Has anyone successfully installed a Blitz Turbo Timer together with a Clifford AvantGuard IV alarm (with remore start)? When I switch off the ignition my turbotimer starts the countdown and stops the engine okay but ONLY if I don't open a door during the countdown, then the engine is shut down immediately while the countdown continues.

I also can't get the remote start to work with the turbo timer. If I try to set the remote start before switching off the ignition (I have to do that because I have a 6-speed) the starter motor engages and ofcourse interferes with a still running engine (because of the turbo timer).

I don't want to use one of the Clifford's channels as a turbo timer, I kinda like the automatic timer in the Blitz unit.

Any help (Thomas Kenyon?) would be greatly appreciated.

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I think your overcome by too many automatic functions on your car...what happened to the good old days of sitting in your car until it cooled down...or starting it from inside?? :D jk. I don't have an answer for u but I was wondering what color your car is looks really really nice IMO.
TurboRed said:
...what happened to the good old days of sitting in your car until it cooled down...or starting it from inside?? :D jk.
Then I would be driving an American sportscar instead of a high-tech Japanese sportscar :D Isn't that what the Supra is all about, high tech solutions to everything?

let me know how your alarm is wired, also are you monitoring your acc or ign? Also what outputs are being used and which ones are free?

Can you set the alarm with turbo timer running?

Which remote start do you have (model #)? I need to know the shut down sequence, if you have a manual remote starter or auto?

How many trigger outputs do you have free?

Answer me these and I will be able to design somenting for you.
Just kidding Flavio...your car is very nice...I'm just angry that I keep ordering harnesses for my blitz fatt and for some strange reason they never I've just had getting my timer functioning right be a lesser priority, first being getting my water pump and timing belt done...hopefully before LVD dragday the 19th :)

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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