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Climate control lights

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Does anyone how to replace the lights that light up the climate control buttons. The a/c and defroster light buttons have blown out and dont light up with the other buttons at night. Do I have to take the dash apart to fix this or do the buttons pop out?? Thanks for any help...
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If your lucky it is the light bulbs. Yes you do have to take apart the dash and in the tech section on there are some good instructions how to do it. As for my case I have a burnt IC in the climate control unit that makes the light randomly work even thought all the bulbs are good....Go figure.
This one comes up every now and then. I did the bulb upgrade. You need to remove the center dash piece. It isn't too hard and has the instructions somewhere. Start with the center boot piece and the rest follows.

Once removed you will see the ac control unit. Two large connectors are attached and need to be disengaged. The unit unscrews from the dash trim.

Looking at it as is, you should see 2-3 twist-on bulbs. Sorry I cannot recall but there are a total of 5. With needle nose pliers you can twist them and remove them.

Now, the problem may not be a burnt bulb. I noticed on mine that the contact was eroded. Others claim a thin film deposit forms and, once cleaned, the bulb works.

To get at all the bulbs, you need to disassemble the unit. With care, remove the cover. You will see a circuit board with the lights.

I took the new lights, installed them and soldered the connections. I then added a drop of epoxy to make sure the bulb stayed seated. If it ever blows again, i can repair it still, but it will not move until that time :)

Jay Marks can get the bulbs at like $4 per bulb

95TT BPU++
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