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I have an exhaust system that I need to have test fitted to a 2nd Gen 4G63. It's a new exhaust I had made that I'll be selling on eBay and I need to get some pix of it installed on a car. I don't want to go into a long description, but just know it's 3" high quality polished stainless and robot welded. Your car could be featured in print, but for the near future, it will just be for eBay sales. Obvioiusly, I'd like a good looking car. Doesn't have to be crazy, but clean at least.

If you're interested, I'd pay you to come to my place so I can have it installed on your car -OR- I will let you get the exhaust at cost. No scams, no baiting, etc. Contact me via email and we can discuss details of either payment or how much the exhaust would cost you.

Email me at [email protected] if you're local to Manchester, NH. I'm also at 603-674-3468.

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