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I'm trying to understand how the ecu works exactly so that I can make judgements on what I'll need to tune for optimal power, mileage, and emmissions. If somebody could clarify some things for me that would be great.

During open loop, the TCCS ignores the o2 sensor and reads from a fuel map based on engine rpm and AFM signal, right?

When the computer goes into closed loop, it watches the o2 sensor an scales its fuel map to try to get 14.7 AFR. Is the initial un-learned value in closed loop still based off of the same fuel map that it reads in open loop?
Once the TCCS learns that it needs to add 5% more fuel to hit 14.7 during closed loop, does it apply the same 5% increase to open loop after that?
Last, does the computer learn just one overall adjustment percentage, or does it build a sort of correction map, with different values based on another signal like rpm, afm, or tps?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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