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Club Z Track Day @ Thunderhill Raceway, Monday, March 26th !!!

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If you got a car, and you love driving fast, and have always wanted to drive out on a road race track, come and join us Thunderhill Park Raceway (1hr North of Sacramento).

(disclamer: Note, this is NOT a competition event, but is geared as a educational, fun, driving school for high performance cars)

Club Z
(Bay Area 300ZX club) has rented out Thunderhill Raceway for it's use and for it's friends.

The event will be Monday 3/26 which makes for lots of track time at a low price! This event will for be everyone from Novice to Advanced, with quality driving instructors.
Not sure if you can get the day off?? You better try, because at $115 each (or less if we pass our minimums), you can't get much better bang for the buck! Come see how you and your Supra or what ever your driving stack up on a track full of 300ZXs and other high performance Japanese sports cars for a day of fun. It'll be the most fun you've ever had!!!!

$115 is a lot cheaper than the $500+ you pay for a Skip Barber Driving class!

For details, click on the following link:

If you have ANY questions, please email us. Don't wait too long to register, as we've already got a few Supra TTs signed up and a huge number of 300ZXs signed up. Late fees will also be hitting soon too.

Z-ya at the track!!!!
Monday, March 26th!!!!
Thunderhill Park Raceway!!!!

Lee Darzycki
Bill Davis
[email protected]

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Are any other Supra owners planning to go? I'm going to sign up if they have any spots left. Thunderhill is a great track if you've never been there. They filmed the Mazda "zoom zoom" commercial there if you've ever seen that.
Eric, what kind of track is it? Big track that favors high HP cars or a smaler track that favors light small cars?
Originally posted by T66Dawg:
Eric, what kind of track is it? Big track that favors high HP cars or a smaler track that favors light small cars?
It's definitely a horsepower track. There are 2 fairly long straights that are preceeded by slow corners, which put a premium on horsepower. The track is 3 miles, and my best time is a 2:10, so my average speed is in the high 80s. I really like it, it's my favorite CA track. Lots of variety and fast sweeping turns.
Damn, that sounds like fun. That's a long drive from PHX (about 12 hours), but I MAY try to make it.
Lee and company put on a great event. I got 140 miles of driving in, and would have gotten even more if I didn't have to stop midway through the last session due to lack of gas. has a bunch of pictures from the event.
Man I really want to go, but I am going to be in LA that week. I just wanted to know how often the Z club does this kind of thing, and are they open to anyone, or just z owners. Thanks
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