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I'm selling my HPF Feramic clutch complete with everything you need. Stock Flywheel, ACT PP, disk, bolts, clips, throwout bearing, pilot bearing etc.... Has 300 miles on it and is broken in and ready for boost.. The best single disk clutch on the market hands down. I'm selling only because I'm going to four digits in power... I've run numerous 9 second passes with this clutch and was the one who worked with Chris B. to test this clutches capabilities. Price for everything sells for $1500+ .. SOLD!!

G-force obd 1 6 speed ecu 8,000 rev, single fuel map, and stock ignition, also have ignition chip to include- asking $700 +shipping

VPC with harness- asking $650 +shipping

s-afc - asking $150 +shipping

OR TRADE The G-force, Vpc with harness and s-afc for an AEM

Also have the stock harmonic dampner forsale... 70k, no cracks in great condition....asking $100 +shipping.

Stock cams forsale also... asking $100 b.o. + shipping

Stock 98 suspension forsale...asking $175 + shipping for front and back shocks and springs.

Thanks Matt

PM or email me at [email protected]

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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