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whats the deal with clutch break in- what does this entail- i don't peel out and slip the clutch and launch at 6k rpms- but i do like to hit near redline before shifting- should i not do this. BTW i have a new trd single disk and new oem flywheel-and it feels like i'm going to stall out right away as soon as i lift even the slightest off of the clutch. fill me in clutch experts


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Well I am not even close to being a clutch expert, even though my shitty track has caused me to go through quite a few. I usually put about 500 stop and go miles on my clutch keeping the rpms's under 4k. I put an additional 500 miles of normal driving before taking slipping the clutch at the track. This seems to work pretty well for me. It is important not to slip the clutch much in the first 500 miles and insure that is not highway miles. Dont just take a 500 mile trip on the highway to break the clutch in. I have heard that 1000 easy miles is even better when breakin the clutch in.......
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