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What are the options to upgrade to a 3/4" bore clutch master? I need one for the clutch setup I'm running.

Here's what I've gathered so far:

I can take the stock master, bore it out to 3/4" and use a Land Cruiser/FJ40 rebuild kit for the internals. This one is iffy, seems to me that a 3/4" bore is a 3/4" bore, but not 100% sure I can get those landcruiser parts here in the US.

The Mk.4 TT clutch master is 3/4"? Not sure about this one, I keep seeing one year is 3/4", one year is 5/8", it's conflicting.

There used to be an aftermarket option for Mk.4's, but all the links I've found were dead.

What else? I'd like to use the first option, because I've not heard of anybody doing it before and that would be cool, but what other Toyota clutch masters are 3/4"? All I can find is australian Hilux parts that won't ship to the US.

Please help! Thanks
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