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I just put in a new Southbend DXD clutch kit and findanza flywheel in and i properly broke it in (300 miles). When the clutch is cold, like in the morning when I first drive it to work, its hard to get in gear. The clutch hisses when i push the pedal down(when cold), and sometimes it doesn't (when warm). When it doesnt hiss its harder to get into gear and when you push it into gear it starts hissing slightly , btw this when the pedal is fully pressed to the floor! I also find it a bit harder to get into gear when im rolling like going from third to fourth than the old clutch masters that I fried. When I push the pedal down while shifting to a higher gear you can hear it hiss a little but it will slow down and eventually stop and when I goto put in that higher gear it slides like a hot knife through butter!

I haven't tried to adjust the the pedal yet, because I do not have the first FSM.

Thanks John
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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