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Dan and Curt,

Hello guys,

Experienced the dreaded clutch pedal, stuck to the floor, scenario.

It appears the Clutch Release Hub pulled out of the clutch, so I'm gathering one of my Snap Rings let go. So I'm planning on dropping the tranny.

What suggestions do you guys have on what to replace while in there? What Snap Rings, Plate Washers, Springs, etc? I replaced the clutch 5K ago, with an RPS Clutch, at which time I also replaced the throwout bearing, and had the flywheel dry turned.

Also, do you have the clutch guide tool for ease of installation of tranny?

Thanks in advance for you help! My credit card info should be on file ... if you could put together what I need, I'd GREATLY appreciate it!

Have a great 4th of July weekend!

Rich Laws
Akron, OH
Cell 216.214.0223

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90560-79001 spacer list 2.40 cost 1.71
96152-00500 snap ring list 2.72 cost 1.94
31264-14060 spring washer list 3.06 cost 2.19
90560-50001 spacer list 6.03 cost 4.32
90206-12006 wave washer list 1.60 cost 1.14
90520-75001 snap ring list 3.06 cost 2.19
31231-14050 hub list 36.41 cost 26.92
90903-63001 t/o bearing list 66.82 cost 47.80
31204-14060 fork list 65.16 cost 48.18
31234-14020 spring list 1.97 cost 1.46
31236-14030 support list 31.27 cost 23.12

Your local parts store should have an alignment tool.

After it's apart let me know what items are needed.
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