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I have a question concerning buying and using a used clutch. I did do a search but nothing posted yet actually answered me. I picked up a barely broken in Mueller Flywheel and a brand new HPF Bronze Sprung 6 puck disk and I am looking at a *slightly* used RPS pressure plate. I am wondering is it that bad of an idea to run a brand new disk on a slightly used pressure plate? I have pics of the PP and it barely looks used but I don't want to spend the money on it if it isn't going to perform well. I did read that you can resurface them though right? How much is safe to take off of one? I'm getting desperate because I want to drive the car but the clutch that is in it now can't handle the power anymore so all I can do is tool around in it :(

Any opinions/suggestions/thoughts?

That's a lot of work to replace the clutch. It probably won't hurt to try since your car is just limping around. Obviously the best thing to do is to put all new parts it it but when your budget has a short limit, I might try it. Don't be suprised and start calling your car or clutch names if it still slips in 5th while doing 20psi pulls. Good luck.
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