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Clutch rattling?

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Recently my clutch started rattling. Atleast i think it is my clutch. When i am driving and in gear it makes this very loud rattling sound, sounds like something is loose. When i take the car out of gear it doesnt make the sound...does this sound like my clutch is going out? Sometimes I will drive my car and then park it and it smells like clutch...and I am not slipping the clutch hard or driving it wrong either.
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take the inspection plates off the transmission and see what's up.
How many mile for your mkiv?

Probably the flywheel. If the dampening springs inside go bad it will rattle and cause the trans to rattle like when using a solid flywheel.
welcome to toyota

I get tired of replacing it if it quiets down when you stick the clutch in and you usually dont hear it till you drive hard or it warms up its your pilot bearing the noise sucks it makes your supra sound cheap not to worry pick it up at toyota and its about 100 bucks to put in what really sucks is that the part is like 2 bucks he he
Huh? If you are talking about replacing the pilot bearing or throw out bearing, it's a lot more than $100. You have to pull the trans to replace which Toyota charges 6~8 hours labor. Anyway, the trans will rattle if the flywheel doesn't dampen it. Extremely common with a solid flywheel, or a stock flywheel that is bad. You can't tell by just looking through the inspection plates. You've got to take it out and twist the two sections measuring the amount of travel. It's in the factory manual.

Clutch smell is another issue.
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