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Clutch ?'s and Mueller Lightened Flywheel ? Advise needed!

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First of all when I put my car in gear and release the clutch there is a ....hopping, shudering, vibration or shaking untill the car gets past 2200 rpm. (Sorry its hard to decribe) (This is my stock clutch) I dont see that the clutch is slipping yet, but is this the sighn that its going? Also What are your thoughts on the Mueller Lightened Flywheel? HP? I hate to not upgrade when replacing my worn items. If it is which clutch set up should I go with? Right Now I have 400 RWHP (BPU +) at 37K Miles, but plan to go all out with a power house racing stage 2 single 2 years from now. Since this is my 2nd car I dont wanna replace the flywheel + clutch now and then have to upgrade it agine when I go single in 2 years.

Thanks for all the feedback guys!

Rob G
97 TT
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I have been trying to figure out the same thing with my car since I installed my clutch. I reused the flywheel and pressure plate...Only replaced disk. I thought it was a miss or a hesitation at first but I norrow it down to a vibration. I know what you mean about it being hard to describe..I only notice it when I take off in first or rev the car slowly in neutral. I'm almost certain it's the flywheel or pressure plate. I will be pulling mine and replacing it soon...I'll post what I find.

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