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clutch slipping!

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I have a bpu mkiv and almost always run low boost. I need to purchase a new clutch and need to know what the cheapest route will be? Also what exactly do I need to replace? Any guidence will be greatly appreciated.
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Cheapest route isn't always the best route.

You will burn up a single disk which is about $580.
the TRD or RPS (same thing) clutch that utilizes the stock disk is very good for a bpu supra. Thats what i have and it slips nice causing no chatter. You will go threw it in a week if you like to drag your car everyother week at the strip. You will eat up the disk. If your running low boost im guessing your conservative on your car, hence this is the clutch for you.

The TRD comes with throwout bearing and pilot bearing, RPS one does not. RPS makes it for TRD.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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