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Just looking for opinions here... The car threw a "25" code. For A/F too lean. According to the wideband, the car hasnt been lean. If anything, its been running rich. We had the car tuned, and the A/F is around 10.0 normal driving. Idling its about the same, sometimes mid 9's. The driveabilty of the car hasnt changed. It still boosts fine, idles fine (does idle a little strange at startup), but other than that its been fine. I cleared the code last night and the fiancee drove the car to work this morning, went to lunch and back, and never threw a code. On the way home (which is about a 10-15 minute drive) the light came on again, same code. When the light came on, she said it smelled really rich. I am thinking maybe the o2 sensor??? Any ideas???

The car also has triggered a code 47 which is Sub-throttle position sensor signal according to the manual. I am lost with this one. When I clear the MIL, this code 47 remains in the system. But again, no driveability issues.....

The car: 94 with GT2835's, HKS cams, 720cc injectors, MAPECU, stock throttle body and manifold......

Any help would be appreciated.
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