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Hello all,
First time posting a question here! I have a hesitation and stumble when my car is cold. I'm getting a code 31. I belive this is a code that the AFM sends out when it looses power for an instance.

A little history. I wrecked my 88T a while back and shook everything loose. My question is, would it be possibe for a loose connection on the stereo to cause the momentary lose of power in the AFM that would cause it to throw a code 31?

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yes 31 is an air flow meter signal failure.
it pretty much comes down to bad afm or bad afm wiring. not sure what the stereo would have to do w/ it since it is in no way connected.
check to make sure it is plugged in firmly and inspect the wiring. if all looks ok swap out the electronics w/ a known good one. if that checks ok then you will need to do some service checks/specs on the circuit/wiring.

good luck

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