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Sup guys....

I just finished working on my friends car... the car is an 86.5 n/a auto, and we dropped an '88 turbo 5spd in there, along with the turbo harness and ecu.

I'm getting a code 32 (something afm) and a code 52 (knock sensor). The thing with the knock sensors, is that the old owner had re-wired the KS and had wires coming straight from the sensor to the ecu. The other thing is, I don't know if he had them reversed or not... ie KS#1 to ecu KS#2 and KS#2 to ecu KS#1.

What do I do guys???

btw, I've checked the wires, and made sure they were connected to the sensors. And one more thing, the tach doesn't work, but if I put a turbo tach in there, it should right?

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the AFM might actually be damaged. its very easy to hurt the electronics if it gets dropped on the ground or kicked or bumped on a hard surface. its basically comprised of a laser and a mirror, so if it gets out of whack, its not going to work right,justl ike when you bump a CD player from 1989.

also, you can use a multimeter to test the continuity between the KS1 and KS2 pins of the ECU harness and the knock sensor plugs n the engine bay. you may need a helper for this though.

if the knock sensor wires are fuxked up... pick up 6' of USB 2.0 cable. there are 4 conductors in there. you can twist them into paires on either end. just keep the colors straight and you can use that to rewuire your knock sensors.
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