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I just made a new thread on this so my other one wouldnt get too long and it changes the topic tho.

52=knock sensor
14=ignition (ignitor and coil)
21=O2 sensor
24=intake air temp
34=turbocharger pressure abnormal /maf?
51=A/C switch or tps circutit

anyone can help me out and give me your theory on this..

what should I do.. replace all of them?
where is intake air temp sensor located on?

code 34= turbocharger press abnormal ??????????

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Yeah I would reset the ECU too. Just pull the EFI fuse and wait a couple minutes. That will do it.

and for code 34 turbo pressure sensor. That just means you have hit fuel cut since the last time the ECU was reset.

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34 and 51 could be ignored for now, and 21 is just an o2 sensor, Probably why your check engine light was coming on...

Go to and do the knock sensor rewire for 52

As for 14, try swapping a coil pack from another car or an ignitor or something (not sure)

24/??? is that the bad afm one?

did you mess something up on your safc?? cuz when i first got it i didnt have it set for karmen and my ecu went haywire... i was gettin codes left anf right like you are
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