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My car and few other supra owners cars seem to have a slight lean on driver side, after replacing many suspension parts to no avail.

I am thinking to ditch my KYB/Tein setup and go to a coilover setup.
I want to correct the cars incorrect stance.

I made a thread and someone posted this:

RS do not have independent height and spring preload adjusters. You need to step-up to the Performer line.
I thought that the HKS RS would be a good choice for me, but wasnt sure what what is meant by this comment.

Which coilover kits do you recommend to correct the problem.
I was looking from Tein, HKS, JIC, H&R.

Just was looking to get some suggestions, this car will be 95% street, and 5% on some road course/drag time. So comfort is important.


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Given that comfort is a key value, I would lean you towards the RS.

What he means by that is that the Performers are the only coilovers that when you adjust the height it does not alter the spring rate. Its semi-technical talk and not a feature everyone needs. If you were a move avid road-racer / auto-crosser I would recommend the Performers. But for street use and comfor the RS win.

Tein is far inferior to HKS coilovers as discussed on here many times before.
JIC are nice, but not as nice as the HKS, yet they cost the same or even more depending on model comparison.

The HKS are very nice. The only other ones I can recommend are the H&R, for the price they are awesome (we have them on special right now).


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