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Hey guys, I've done searching on this and haven't really come up with much, so I figured I'd post up and see if anyone has any new incite.

So after being dead for two years, my Supra has a new shortblock, refreshed head, and a 67mm single. The electronics on the car are stock ECU, VPC and SAFCII. The fuel system has also been upgraded and the car is running 880cc precision injectors care of a titan fuel system.

The issue is that one the first start of the day, it takes a couple minutes of playing around before the car will finally fire. And it is also varied. Yesterday, I had to hit the key twice before it fired up and maintained itself. This morning; however, it took some playing around with the fuel setting on the SAFCII, which ultimately ended up with me putting it back to the original value, that made it come to life. This only occurs on the first start up of the day. After the initial start up, I can drive to work, and then when it's 5, she starts right up.

To be more descriptive of the problem, the car does crank, it'll fire, and then almost immediately, we're talking like fraction of a second quickness, cut out. In my searching I've seen some threads attribute the issue to faulty VPC temp sensors, and others also dismissing that.

So, anybody have any ideas?
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