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Hey guys! I know this has been discussed before but I couldn't find the info. I was looking for. This is for the Supra FOlks who have Collectors Car Inspection Tags. What was the process. I have a 93TT. My inspection is overdue. It was due in April. If I go the Collectors car route, what do I need to do. DO they inspect the car? Or do the just check the mileage. I know your not supposed to go over 3000 miles. What happens if you do? Also, do you haver to bring your car in every year when you re-register so they can verify your mileage? Is this yearly or every two years. Please let me know. Thanks! Oh, last thing, do you need to get special insurance for this?


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From my understanding... but you get like 3000 miles.. they dont check the next time just the first time.. I dont think they even smog the car.
Not sure about the insurance though.

How are you BTW?

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I am in the process of going this route, perhaps Philly Single will see this thread and chime in, as he was the one that filled me in on it...

AFAIK, you need special insurance that states it's a collector "pleasure" use vehicle. 3000 miles per year, only odo check, NO emissions. What happens if you go over? I dont know. I am waiting to hear back from a few insurance places. Good luck.

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Rally insurance is the place. Here's the step to follow once you have the forms from them. This should be a STICKY!

Tim Luperini
Rally Insurance Group
Classic Auto Specialist
188 Industrial Dr. Suite 215
Elmhurst IL 60126
W 630-617-9960
F 630-617-5249
TF 800-801-1823 Ext. 22

1. The fully completed application and any state required forms. Please sign all lines

where it is indicated &n bsp;

2. A copy of all current automobile insurance declarations pages for every regular use

auto in your household. The declarations page is generally the first sheet of your

policy and shows the coverage limits you have.

3. Recent (35mm Preferred) color exterior photos of each vehicle we will insured,

showing all 4 sides, including the interior, engine, and trunk (open).

4. In addition if the vehicle is garaged in a location other than your

residence garage, please forward a photo of the other garaging facility.

4. Enclose your check or credit card for the full premium amount, checks can be

made payable to Rally Insurance Group, Inc.

5. We exclude drivers under the age of 26. A signed exclusion form is required for

every licensed driver under the age of 26 (we can not exclude a spouse).

6. An appraisal will probably be needed so if you have one already, please include

a copy of it.

7. The enclosed Modified worksheet filled out and signed where indicated.

8. Title or registration of the vehicle. Please not we cannot insure vehicles that are

corporately titled.

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Thanks for all of the replies. It is much appreciated.

Junior, what's up bro? Doing well, how are you? How is business. Are you still in L.I. or N.J. ? I need to get in touvh with you. Let me know when your free.

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