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COMBINED CARAVAN thread with links , in order

I combined all the SILV Caravans onto one page for our ease. Hopefully this makes it straightforward, I have links to EACH thread and are in order. I think we already have enough caravans for the California group. Let's try to emphasize on the Invasion instead of trickling in packs of 2 or 3 to Vegas. I believe it will be fun with fewer large groups :)

Can we make this a temporary sticky?
(Thread starters please delete caravan threads that have been merged to other caravans)

FEEL FREE TO EDIT THIS MODS (add meeting locations for threads, who what when where etc) thanks


THURSDAY 4:00 PM BARSTOW (Alpine 2j Jordan)

Silv thursday 4 pm rollout in barstow
This list is for those meeting at Tommy Burger at 400-430pm on Thursday.

Tommy Burger address is:
2610 fisher boulevard
Barstow, CA 92311
It is right off the Lenwood Road Exit off the 15 Freeway.
1) Alpine2JZ (Jordan) out 2) Supralover (James) 3) Supramatt96 (Matt) 4) JaguarXJ6 (Sunny)
5) Dave2jzgte with a few other mk2s

THURSDAY NIGHT 9:00 PM (Cbrasian)

Caravan to Silv Oct 14 (Thursday night)
Ok so so far an Idea Harut and I have came up with is meeting at carl jr at ontario mills at 8 p.m. That way a few of us can grab a bite and wait for people to filter in and we take off at 9 pm to head off to vegas.
Does that sound like a viable plan? Or if there any other suggestions or recommendations as I would like to make a concrete plan so we can be a bit more organized.



SILV Friday Morning Roll Out.
Is anyone leaving Friday morning like 4 or 5am???

FRIDAY MORNING 9:00 AM (Nick's group)

SILV Caravan Friday from Life Plaza, Rowland Heights @ 9AM
Friday 9am @ the old Life Plaza parking lot right off the 60 freeway at Fullerton Rd!
1370 Fullerton Rd
Rowland Heights, CA 91748
List of attendees: Nick Stonawski| Hiluxsurf03|| LRG SOUP || jutn Smokey Mike-ata || Rockonsupra || Kiro1968


SATURDAY MORNING 7:00 AM (#1SupraHolic)

SILV caravan Sat ~7am @ Victoria Gardens?
Just wondering if there are peeps rollin' out to SILV on Saturday ~7am? If so, please post up and let's get a caravan going and meet up at Victoria Gardens. I'll be picking up a friend from Rancho Cucamonga.
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