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combustion engine theory

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hey all

sorry if this isnt mkiv tech related but i feel i could get some good responses from the ppl here

anyone know any good books on gasoline combustion engine theory? im looking for a book that will be a good introduction and also go into a lot of detail and show the exact mathematics.

focus doesn't have to be on piston engines, in fact general theory would be even better (but it's obviously bound to be heavily tied in with piston engines).

i'm thinking of doing a long term research project (im in high school), i have taken multivariable calculus and am taking differential equations, have no background in mechanical or materials engineering. i've taken ap chem, ap physics and ap calculus, if this background information would help. eventually, my goal is to design and hopefully build an engine prototype.

thanks in advance

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I don't have any recommendations, but if all you want is theory, then get a thermodynamics book, most of them cover heat pumps. All internal combustion engines break down into thermodynamics. You can factor power output with a typical efficiency percentage for different types of engines (piston, turbine; Otto, Carnot cycle, etc). But, i don't know how this will help you build an engine The old heat pump theory will tell you what power you theoretically could make. But get a real engine book if you plan to do much with it. Sorry i don't have any suggestions. Goodluck with your project, and never say die!
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