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Here is my compression numbers:

1 167
2 166
3 165
4 160
5 160
6 151

This is on a 95 6Spd with 82k miles on it. It has been sitting for about 3 months and then I recently put about 350 miles on it. I didn't exactly baby it, but a lot of it was 80 mph cruising. So what do you guys think of the numbers? Good. Not perfect but probably due to carbon buildup? My engine sucks and I need a new one? :)

I appreciate the feedback.

BTW, it has only had an HKS airfilter on it for the last 250 miles and was previously stock.


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I heard you should only worry if it compression test more than 20 difference between cylinders

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Well, a few guys have said 14 psi, whereas that 6th cylinder on mine is 16 below number 1. Anyone else have any opinions? Maybe someone who builds engines?


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Sometimes the battery will lose charge during the test. Since the motor spins slower the final cylinder or two will read lower then those tested first.

You numbers get worse as the test goes on, assuming you started on #1, a weak battery could be the culprit.
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