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Hi Gang,
I was wondering if some people have gone through the same hassle as me, compiling your own big single turbo kit.
I've got some great discount at HKS and for what I heard "HKS makes the best quality" I'm thinking of getting the HKS manifold. The turbo 'kits' in Japan (HKS) are only big turbo's (TO4R) and this car must stay a little bit 'street drivable'. I've built flavio's car with an SP57 kit, so the main question is: Does the HKS manifold and the SP57 turbo bolt together (I heard the answer is 'yes'). Next question (only for larry I assume), how much is the SP57 turbo with oil lines, intake, K&N filter and optionally downpipe.
What are the different flanges anyways on turbos? What flange is the CT26 (mk3 turbo), is this 'standard' as well?
Another question. The pipe going from the exhaust side of the turbo to the downpipe, and joining the wastegate, are those flanges to bolt to the turbo and wastegate sold seperate? When I had the SP57 kit here, I tried to mount it to my 2JZ in the MA7 and this pipe (where the lambda sensor bolts to) interfered with the firewall. So I have to make this pipe custom.
Just my idea:
SP 57 turbo
HKS manifold
Custom pipe joining the turbo and the wastegate together
custom downpipe / SP downpipe

any one with comments / prices / advice?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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