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I have a complete set of brakes off my 98 NA Supra with 60k miles in excellent condition. I have all 4 rotors, 4 calipers, 4 brake lines, all the pads, plus a set of brand new oem front pads and a set of brand new rear sumitomo pads. The pads and rotors have minimal wear on them so they will last a while plus when the pads do wear out you will have an extra set ready to put on.
$425 obo plus shipping for the complete set.

I have a set of 4 Toyota Supra 98 na wheels with 60k miles in good condition with brand new tires installed less than a year ago with 700 miles. The tires are Sumitomo HTR 50Z tires with virtually no wear on the tread. I spent close to 400 dollars on the tires and installation. Two of the wheels have very minor curb rash, the third has a decent amout of curb rash and the fourth wheel is perfect. The wheel and tire sizes are 16inch by 8inch with 225/50/16 for the front and 16inch by 9inch with 245/45/16 for the rear. I will also include the oem lugnuts.
$450 obo pick up only

I have a 98 Supra oem front lip in good condition. There is a slight crack on one part on the bottom of the lip and there is chip missing on another part. When the the lip was installed on my supra these imperfections were not noticeable and it looked perfect.
$100 obo plus shipping-SOLD

I have a set of 98 NA Supra shocks and springs with 60k miles in excellent overall condition. They were riding very smooth and firm when I had them removed.
$80 obo plus shipping-SOLD

I have a set of 4 used Supra twin turbo brake rotors front and rear with some used shims, pads, pins, etc. I bought the rotors off of someone from supraforums and they were a worn out more than advertised so I decided to go with brand new rotors instead. I paid 120 shipped, I'll let them go for $35 picked up only

I have a set of 4 oem Supra twin turbo brake lines in excellent working condition. $10 plus shipping

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