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whats uyp..i am buying a mkiv 6 sod soon and it has about 70k miles on it and it sis bpu...the guy who bought it before me did all the mods but said he babied the car alot..i beleive him but i also wanna be sure..what i was wondering is can i have the toyota dealerr chekc the car out comnpletely to tell ne anything thas wroing witht he car if anything is even wrong at all.....i need to know what i tell them i need done or will they know..and also what will they check....also how much does this cost...
i mainly want to know if the turboes are still strong and i the compression is good and to make surre al the hoses and seals are styill good...can they tell if the turboes are about to go or anything like that..i know i will test drive the car soonh and check everything that i know what to check from i know that soemtiems the cars can run great and the next sdecond there can be a serious problem...

i also did a search befoere this and couldnt find exaclt what i needed
thanx in advance
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