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Hey guys Can you tell me if these numbers are good?

Twinturbo Motor

#1 - 165
#2 - 170
#3 - 175
#4 - 160
#5 - 170
#6 - 175

let me know if these are within spec. Also what things should you do to a motor that has been sitting for around a year. I know there would most likely be a lot of buildup. But wouldnt it show in the compression??

let me know guys


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while those numbers are high the range my be a point of slight concern. generally 'good' compression numbers are when they are all 150+ and all are within 5psi of each other. yours have a spread of 15psi, could be nothing though I dont know.

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I'd try to clean up the carbon build up, and test it again. You could drive it for a while too, this will clean things up a bit, then retest. Did you do the test when the engine was hot?
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