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Compression Numbers

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Hey Guys,

I just did a compression test on my car and here are the results let me know what you guys think

1) 150
2) 150
3) 145
4) 145
5) 150
6) 150
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Minimum wear...looks healthy...average is 156 and minimum tolerance is 128-130 psi.

Read the post 2 above yours on SLOW BPU CARS
Looks like mine. At 98K miles, Paisley did a compression check and I had:

I did have bad valve guide seals though but the compression looks decent for a car with 80,000 BPU miles on it.
When I did the test the compression tool had a minor crack on the hose portion of it. I taped it up with sealent and duck tape put still leaked a little. So I figure around 1-3 psi lost due to the minor crack on the hose. I need to get a digital one for better results. The car has 70,000 bpu miles on it so I guess I can't complain about the numbers. The car did dyno at 399.8 rwhp at 434 ft/lbs. Thanks
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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