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The reason you heard me (Guilly) talking shit about domestics was because the Scandalous guys wanted to stir shit up and wanted shit-talking to get people excited about racing, so I did and based on your reaction it worked.

I hope you noticed 2 things:

1) I was there in my VIPER (I'm pretty sure it's a domestic) which I love and want to twin turbocharge.
2) I spent as much time, if not more, hanging out with the domestic guys from Tucson (Dark Dragon), the Extreme Guys, Roger and Mark Vyne, Doug from ADS, etc. as I did with the import crowd.

I suggest you stop watching shit-talking videos if you can't handle them. Heck I paid several compliments to Dave's badass TT 67 Camaro on the other thread.

As far as accomplishements, I was the first in the 10's with a drag radials (17" drag radials at that) 6speed Supra (and by a wide margin with a 10.41 when I did it without NOS in a full weight, 3780 pounds, Supra). My car doesn't have a roll bar or a cage (never have had one and don't want one) so you won't see me drag racing much.


VWdragracer said:
Ryan W awesome job on making the HP and putting it down.
I would like to answer a few questions that i have seen brought up in the threads related to this event. As a member of the group labled "domestic crowd" I can say there is no issue with supra's as a vehical, we are all hot rodders at heart and love anything that hauls ass in street trim. The Issues are when ASS HATS like Saad or Gilly(sp sorry) get on the forums or promo video's or even at the track talking trash based on what some one else has accomplished. I personally called Gilly(sp sorry) out and was told "I didnt come to race" my question is then why are you on video running your mouth? because you Know some one with a fast car? like I told one of the ASS HATS from 1320stangs forums when your Man enough to drag your heap out and run heads up then talk all the trash you want, until then STFU. No one wants to hear about what your other car does or did or even what your buddies car does. Speak for your SELF and when you talk smack BACK IT UP. RESPECT is earned (garret turbo's new catch fraise)
Again GREAT job Ryan. Just be on the look out for a rose metalic 57 VW. I want some of that supra for "GEAR BANGIN IMPORT BRAGGIN RIGHTS" LOL
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