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Converting Automatic to Manual, how much will this cost me?

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So far my search for the perfect supras, have lead me to purchase an automatic supra. I really want to convert the auto to manual 6spd, how much would this cost me?
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if u want a used transmission 7k for parts and labor..brand new..about 12k.
Powerhouse racing does this for $5k including parts for a 5-speed to six speed, and most likely cheaper for an automatic TT to six speed
Actually I'd guess it would be a tad more for the AT to 6-speed because they'd have to add the clutch peddle assembly and install the master cylinder on the firewall and all that jazz, plus going from an Auto to 6-speed ECU...
My bad I forgot that stuff, I just checked there site and it is $7500, Sorry...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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