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coolant shooting out of #6 cylinder

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yo.. well i'am finally getting down to what is believed to be a bhg. I did a compression check and all cylinders seem fine but number 6 can't be accurate at 200+

There's a lot of coolant in the cylinder. Is this guaranteed water jacket leak on the HG?

Just wanna make sure before I go any further but i'am pretty sure one of the copper rings is blown just like the last time. Except this time it's a bit worse. thanks
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blown head gasket or cracked head. Good luck.
In theory, you could have a cracked block as well - but that's so rare it basically not worth considering.
so basically.. just tear it apart. That's the only way to really know?
it is pretty rare to get a cracked block but it happened to me...right above the driver side motor mount.
i'll be tearing it apart within the next 2 days.. so i'll post what the result is. Hopefully just the bhg as I suspected.
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