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Corolla 2001 steering wheel will fit?

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Like the title says: Would this steering wheel match the MK IV column?
I would be grateful for any help here since I want to get rid of my elephant foot in my ride ;)
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i was wondering the same thing, the wheel on my friends car is sweet and i tell her every day im going to steal it from her!
its the same as the 2000+ celicas, so it should work
Yes corolla wheels fit. Airbags and cruise may require some wiring though.
Yes it fits. I test fitted mine.
Selling it if you're interested too, PM me. Just the wheel, no airbag.
Just in case anyones in the market: Matrix, newest Corrollas, newest celicas share the same steering wheel. Also lexus IS300(not sure what year(s)), and some other lexus models will fit the Supra.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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