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Corvette Rims on a Supra

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Will it work? I can get a sweet deal on some C5 vette rims, but will they fit my supra? I find C5 rims to be the best looking rims that come just about any car stock plus thier 9.5 inches wide in the rear...any other rim that wide that looks decent is outta my price range...does anyone have any idea if they will fit?
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Not to be anti-Corvette, but what about the Corvette/Chevy logo? :eek: Besides, those are 17's up front, 18's out back- 17's go on sale, 18's NEVER do.
Oops! Just rolled up on a C5, & no there isn't a bowtie in the middle of the wheel! Really looks sweet too! Do we have enough clearance for those wide-a** rims? How about offset? Since you're on a budget, can you afford 18" tires for the rear? Good luck:cool:
you can get different center caps for them, the center cap is the only part of the rim with a logo. I'm not sure about the compatibility though:rolleyes:
By the way my stock 2001 vette rims are for sale again the buyer just backed out this morning cause he got chrome ones for x-mas... So if they fit let me know if you want them:D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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