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could my differential be going out?

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I have a 97 turbo auto. Sometimes when I do a burn out, only one tire spins. I heard that this could be caused by a bad diff. I also heard that some of the 97 turbo autos didn't come with limited slip but I tought this is standard on all 97 turbos.
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If your MKIV is twin turbo, your diff is definitely torsen style limited slip. I recommend draining the fluid and replacing it with either Mobile One synthetic gear oil or RedLine shockproof. This should help.

john, you're engine bay do you say it..."BLING BLING!!!"

awesome display!
yea, I think I would have to agree with toysupra 1. I would eat my dinner right off of your engine bay. (Actually, I could warm it up on the valve cover and then eat it off of the battery.) Anyways...that's my way of saying nice setup.
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