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I would really appreciate a Part # and price for the following. Thanks!!
- TT rear rotors
-TRD motor mounts (how do these differ from stock?)
-stock motor mounts
-GTE water pump
-GTE upper radiator hose
-GTE lower radiator hose
-timing belt (and any goodies necessary for changing the timing belt)
-complete set of service manuals for a 93 Supra

12360-JA800 TRD MOTOR MOUNTS LIST-128.80 COST 113.16 EACH X2
12360-46070 STOCK MOTOR MOUNTS LIST-150.96 COST 111.62 EACH X2
42431-14150 TT REAR ROTORS LIST-129.92 COST 96.08 EACH X2
16100-49846 WATER PUMP LIST-141.10 COST 104.34 X1
16571-46230 UPPER HOSE LIST-14.40 COST-10.65 X1
16572-46160 LOWER HOSE LIST-13.41 COST-9.91 X1
13568-49036 TIMING BELT LIST-31.23 COST-23.10 X1
13505-46041 TIMING BELT IDLER PULLET LIST-74.28 COST-54.93 X1
13540-46030 TIMING BELT TENSIONER LIST-63.25 COST-46.76 X1
90311-40020 CAM SEAL LIST-5.97 COST-4.42 EACH X2
90311-46001 CRANK SEAL LIST-11.69 COST-8.65 X1


Almost all parts in stock just waiting on the TRD Mounts. Let me know. For the service manuals check the link in the TECH SECTION of are forum.
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