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So I posted a thread about my acceleration studdering a couple weeks ago, and it hadn't done it since till a couple days ago. Soooo I was asking some of my friends who work on cars, work at shops ect, and we came to the conclusion it had to do something with fuel. so I put some fuel injector cleaner in my gas tank, and it hasn't really done it since then. Hopefully that was it. I think I'm going to change my fuel filter as well (anyone know how to get at it/where it's at/ what it looks like?)

anddddddd the second problem, I also posted a bulletin about it, my gas door/cable being all crappy. I took someone's advice (forget who/sn) but they said to just shave the lever. So I sawed it back a bit, and it works fine now! Thank you to whoever that was...

And I have a new igniter coming because the one I have now is shitty and the wiring sucks.

next rims.
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