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Well after wanting a Supra for years and searching for the last two years, I have to say the feeling of driving my 1993 BPU+ Supra for the first time today was quite an unexpected rush!

My wife and I built and raced Mustang 5.0 Liters and added all the bolt on's including nitrous and superchargers. I was still not prepared for the Supra experience. This car is a 1993 BPU+ and I don't even know how the HKS EVC IV works. I thought I'd take the traction control off and let it rip! Well the first 3/4 throttle I saw 21 lbs of boost and thought, WOW!

The second time I nailed it to the floor and saw 25+ lbs of boost and was totally unprepared for how hard the car accelerated! Talk about a white knuckled RUSH!!!

I have a couple questions though...

I was suprised how much boost this car made. On pump 92 Octane gas is it safe to run this much? In my Mustang days, I would limit the boost to 18 lbs with a Supercharger without race fuel.

Secondly, I heard what sounded like a bypass valve (major air discharge) when I let off the throttle. I didn't notice that the car had one and haven't seen one. Where would it most likely be located if it did have one?

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

Very Satisfied New Supra Owner!!

BPU is so 1997
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The sound you heard was the stock bov. It sits vertical next to your intake kind of. It's recirculating the air back in.

20psi and up is not good on stock twins. You will have to replace them soon if you continuously run at those levels. 17-19psi is where most bpu cars go tops. Anything more is overstressing the stock twins.

But premium octane of 92 is fine for these boost levels. I run Shell 93 and Sunoco Ultra 94. I rarely drive on high boost at all nowadays.
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