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Copped a cherry first year CR-X SiR (89) with the first version of VTEC and a B16 stock a while back and just sat on it. Had what looked like a mugen kit on it. Put it on the lift, clean on the underside, no rust, so mileage seemed accurate. Only body kit badge (a stamp on the inside of the fiberglass kit that was factory resined over by Honda) I could identify and verify was the front bumper, checked out.

Always wanted one of these cars, so I bought it, and put it on the back burner.

Well, sent it off the body shop a while back and asked them to work on it when they had time, told them I just wanted to respray it back to the original OEM color, because I knew it had been painted.
The rest I knew of the car is the previous owner was a mechanic at Feels in Japan, a pretty reknown shop. Car has just about all of their bolt-ons for the chassis, including engine and tuning stuff (their ECU). I guess it was like a show car for them, and thus the low miles.

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Got it like this. Know a lot about the changes between the different versions of the car sold both in the USA and abroad, and across the four year model run. The car is an authentic SiR. Vin states the car is #79 and fully optioned. Car has all of the OEM optioned, AC, PS, etc. Glass roof, SiR B16 VTEC engine and LSD. Has mirror covers, and other OEM options only available in Japan.

What tripped me up was the vin, because you can look those up in Japan. Car wasn't red. It was black.

Pop the hood, this car was painted.

Here we go...

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I made my instagram account (@savagepuke) public so I could share updates to this car. Body shop has been putting in mad work and hopefully it will be painted by the end of the year. Confirmed all of the kit is authentic. From what I was told by the importer, the car was previously owned by a mechanic at Feel's in Japan, and that explains why it has all of their bolt-ons on it. Current mods other than the Mugen kit are the Mugen steering wheel, Feel's intake, Feel's strut bar, Feel's braided brake lines, Feel's ECU, and haven't confirmed the make of the header or exhaust as the header is wrapped and exhaust didn't have anything on it that I could tell what it was, but wouldn't be surprised if they're also Feel's products.
I have just about everything I need to get it finished up after the body work is complete. Current parts list:

Mugen FG360 steering wheel
Works Bell x Nightrunner International quick release
SerialNine Ti hardware
Mugen pedals
Feel's Ti Shift knob
ASM Limited Recaro Super Stark SR-6 seats
Bride rails
USDM rear interior (rear seat on the JDM model isn't really usable)
Honda double din block off plate, that I'm going to mount a Mugen push button start switch onto.
FAB.TLPC four channel bluetooth adapter that plugs into the factory speaker harness in place of the OEM head unit
Some old school shelf mounted speakers
Honda Access floor mats
A lot of random Carmate and Hitman rice

Mugen kit
Feel's hood
OEM window visors
EC Works mirrors (need to get a mounting plate set machined)
USDM windshield, and a lot of the OEM rubber pieces are being replaced with NOS items I've collected over the years
Nightrunner International plate adapters and Mugen hardware
Probably going to run some LEDs under the car, and have some Hitman knickknacks for the exterior too

Old school LHT JRSC w/aftercooler. Supercharger was sent out to Jon Bond, rebuilt and ported
Coil on Plug conversion
Larger injectors, think I've got some IDs laying around somewhere for it
Mugen header
Custom 3" exhaust
Hondata S300
Not sure if the engine had previous work done, doesn't sound cam'd. Gonna dyno it prior to doing anything to get an idea of where it's at

OEM close ratio gear set
Has an aftermarket clutch, no idea what it is but you can feel it is certainly not stock
Various bushings, and new linkage

*might be going AWD, so the below list is what I have, not final configuration
OEM 5-lug swap
Full assortment of PCI adjustable arms
Mugen ITR coilover suspension
Spoon Brake calipers and ITR disks up front, ITR calipers and rotors out back
SprintHart CPR wheels in 15x7+40 (original silk screens)

I think that's about it, nothing too crazy. Might be missing some things. Been collecting parts for this car for over 10 years, before I even owned it.

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Really clean car, no rot or rust anywhere. Most of the work being done is on the front and rear bumpers to basically rebuild them, make them stronger, fix mounting tabs, and finess everything so there are no gaps.

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Aftercooler mounted, and front bumper rough cut for mockup.

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Shop walk around a couple of weeks ago

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signal I didn't know you were a honda guy

this is awesome, I had an ef8 and wish I never sold it.
lol, I admin'd after it was sold to verticalscope. Was a mod there since like 2006 or something.

You know this car?

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