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Crank Pully Removal Assistance

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Hope someone can lend some help.... Ive spent the last 8 hours trying to get my friends crank pully off and it wont budge. We have broken 5 22mm sockets and 2 1/2" to 3/8" step downs. Ive tried putting the breaker bar on the bolt and cranking the engine, Ive tried 3 different impact guns and finally I removed the inspection plate on the tranny and locked it in place with a crow bar, then with a breaker bar 3 of us pulled on the pully bolt but it just keeps breaking sockets. My main question is to be sure im turning the right way, does the pully bolt need to be turned counter clockwise? I hope so otherwise we have only been making our problem worse... Also, I read that applying heat will help the problem, my buddy swears by his butane pen torch but I dont think its gonna cut it what do you think?

Adam Gamz
T72 6 Speed W/Nos
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I got a breaker bar and put a cheater bar over it. Put both of them up against the ground with the car in 6th gear. Turn the engine over, mine came right off. Yes its counter clockwise. Other than that I don't know what to tell you except to buy better sockets :)

I take it you have a harmonic dampener puller to remove the pully once the bolt is off?
Get a heavy-duty impact 1/2"x22mm socket, and at least a 6' long pipe to put over the end of your breaker bar. Put the car in 6th with the emergency brake on and sweep the pipe from fender to fender (with a lot of force, of course) so that the socket is rotating counter-clockwise. Be sure to put something to protect the right fender because when the bolt breaks loose, the bar could severely dent it. Do not use heat as this could mess up the seals.
That bolt is on with 239 ft/lbs of torque. You'll need serious leverage, or use the engine (if possible) to break it loose for you. 3/8" socket and 1/2" adapter is a waste of time and money, use only true IMPACT 1/2" 22mm socket, and a solid torque 1/2" wrench.
Hey Phil and all the other supra guys that replied, thanks so much for helping me and my friend out... I just got back from the Vegas Supra meet and im up here in Edwards AFB CA. for a few more days visiting a good friend, I talked him into buying his Supra and I told him I would help change his valve stem seals. The pully took us 8 hours!! we went through 5 impact sockets!! it just kept braking them off! Finally we removed the inspection plate on the tranny, shoved in a breaker bar and I cranked on it as hard as I could with another friend, anyway it broke loose. : ) However we lost almost a full day trying to find a valve spring tool that would work for the Supra, nobody had it in stock and cost was $120.00! We came back and used a ratchet and socket to remove the keepers, then we used the same thing with duck tape over the socket hole to reinstall them, once we got it down in actually went quicker than when I did it with the proper tool.. anyway thanks again : )
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