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Crazy deal on big 17's plus tires in Chicago area...

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I'm selling my rims and tires locally. They are 2 piece BBS Moda's. 17x8.5 up front with 245/45/17 Falken Azenis rubber, and 17x10's in the rear with 315/35/17 Nitto DR's. The rims are painted black. They have some normal wear and tear but in general are in great shape. Tires are also in very good shape. I'm not sure about the offset on the rims, but I'll include a pic of the rims on my car.

I'm want $600 (firm!!!) picked up for everything. PM me with questions...

Wheels on car...

Ready to go to new owner...

Front tread...

Rear tread...

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I Likey Where U At Hinsdale?
I have seen these rims in person. They look amazing. The buyer will not be disappointed!

u got pm
the rims do look awesome in person; great seller, great guy
**Crosses finger** for getting them.
GoOoooo Mike :)

Good guy and good wheels :) Here's a pic from the last time we saw the car...
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Sorry for the late response... I'm a little slow today after last nights party :beer:

Thanks for the good words Rich and Asheesh! And thanks for posting that awesome picture Ty (I mean the car looks pretty good, but the picture quality is amazing).

BTW, I live in Des Plaines near Maine West HS, Oakton and Wolf.
out of curiosity what wheels did you get for the beast
Money sent. See you on the 14th :)
The wheels are up for sale again. If you are interested in a cheap set of nice wheels and tires, let me know.

BTW, mine are the black ones in the 1st and 7th posts.
those rim looks great! i m thinking about it, can i come check it out?
Sorry guys, rims/tires are officially sold!
Okay if you guys missed out on Mike's wheels, I have a set on worn (in rear) Yokohama A520s for sale :) Mine are Carbon Fiber look....

The for sale thread is here:
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