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The paticular vehicle were talking about would be a 89' turbo mk3 with a auto trany

Now that you know the car let me explain the problom

When its cold it runns decent (idles at like 600 rpm) check engine light is on and it smells bad. When it gets hot (bout 5 o'clock ) it desides it wants to flud like mad, it will not idle it will not run under like 2000 rpm, trouble code reeds 22 i think. it goes 2 flashes pause, then 2 flashes agin, then a 30 second pause. ( II II II II )
Allright, now this problom has gotten progressivly worse it used to run like crap when it was cold then once it warmed up it leveled out. Every once and a while it would stall out on me for a minite and i would be stranded for like 2 minites then it started right up and ran fine , no check engine light. I personly belive that it is some sort of sensor that has to do with the cold start injector. But i did check the spark, and its more orange than blue.

i am curious to what yall esteimed supra techs will come up with

Happy trails
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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