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Six months ago I became the proud owner of a Low mileage, prestine supra after selling my first supra and my wifes. Thanks to Ryan Woon and Ben Fisher (Suprasantiy), as well as other that know me so well, they inspired me to go the extra mile and purchase this rarity. I'm not one to handle imperfections very well and this was the perfect candiate for me......So Ryan had just received this Alpine and knew that I was in the market........While the wife was out of town, I made the move!
I still retain the hand prints around my neck, but I've survived and she loves it more than I.

A 97 Alpine / black (6spd) 1 owner with 30,000 miles on the odo and WAS sitting bone stock. This Supra is in immaculate condition to the point of not wanting to pull it out of the garage.....even when I do have the time. I'm easing into the thought of actually putting miles on it and enjoying every minute of it.

I don't post many pictures of my projects, but here are a few that I managed to get uploaded over the course of the build. I'm not posting completed engine pics just yet, as I have a few more details to wrap up, but nothing to crazy.

Mod list-

AEM EMS w/5bar map sensor

GReddy 4row
Tial BOV
Precision 74mm GTS
WOTM manifold
Boostlogic Catback
Tial 44mm Wastegate
Turbonetics manual BC....(I don't trust electronics)
All lines for oil, boost, ect are stainless

Titan fuel rail
1000cc injectors w/ quick disconnects
-8's feeding both sides of the rail
-10 feeding from the tank
2x 255 walbro fuel pumps

IForged Aeros wrapped in BFG rubber
Tein Flex Coilovers
Whiteline front/rear swaybars
Do-Luck crossbar

And many more little upgrades here and there..........

Hope you enjoy.......

A couple of the locals are getting together to do a little photo shoot in the near future. I'll try and find a more complimentary background for the Dawgs........
Thanks for viewing

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Great looking supra!

Engine pics please :)

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How about a trunk shot instead...........
If you'll notice, I do not ever drill new holes or change the factory styling if at all possible. Mounting was accomplished by good ol' fashion velcro from my AEM kit that I didn't use.

Ok, I threw an engine bay pic in, but the details have changed and are in the process of changing. No matter what I do, I attempt to keep everything hidden and clean to the point that most would not notice unless I point it out. Clutter just pisses me off and shows no motivation. Performance is great in relation to function....but I think a good number of owners forget about the asthetics of it all. Go the extra mile.............I will have to give a lot of credit to Ryan some of his ideas on his own car...... along with mixing in a few of my own.


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What size CCW/Tire combo are you running???

I want a set of pollished CCW's badly! 18's all the way around.

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^I know, where's the NWS warning huh?

I was wondering when some pictures were gonna find their way to the forums! As perfect and beautiful as the car sits, Justin still isn't happy with it's progress! Always moving forward, that guy is. Such a beautiful car though. Even sitting in the garage this car has an ominous presence, which I'm sure will be much more dramatically felt when that turbo starts pushing some boost! Love the wheels, too :)

Well done, Justin. The blood, sweat and tears (it's ok, you can admit to having cried amidst the fellas here :) ) you've poured into your projects over the last 2+ years have really come to fruition.

I wanna play, too :sadance:

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You'll get to play soon enough and thank you for the kind words.

To some, it's a very simplistic Supra. "It's a Supra with wheels......."
This is true. A clean, unmolested body with a nice suspension setup and hot wheels is all I need. Just as the Title states, Crisp and Clean.

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zooyorker said:
looks very very good! i love the single turbo setup too! any sound clips of that WOTM exhaust, im sure it sounds awesome!

Take care,

The car sounds menacing! In fact, while driving around my house, a lady came out of her house to yell at me. "SLOW DOWN!!!!" , she says.............
I looked down @ the speedo reading ( 20mph ! ) I immedately started laughing......

It just looks and sounds faster than it's going......

Purchase any of the WOTM exhaust components and you'll not be disappointed!

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WOTM said:
The car looks great! C16, Cams, and some boost and you're good to go!

Here's how I did the wiring in my RSP car:


Looks good!

All the locals need to get these cars together for professional shoot, don't you think!

Alpine, RSP, Quicksilver, Carlo's Red Hardtop, Jerry's white 97, and............
All very Clean Supras.
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