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i was wonder how many people have made their own dash and how hard it would be. i believe craig paisley did?
i'm talking about the entire piece from the driver's side to passenger. i take it, it would be a pain in the arse to measure and fit it in.. lol

i've pulled out my dash and i believe i will try to make my own dash and not put the stock one back in. how much i like the stock dash, i'd like to get a little creative and do something different.
this will be pretty much a race car and i'm not too afraid to do some custom work to it. :)

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A simple sheet metal dash should be easy to make if it's a racecar, but if you are pulling everything else, a/c, stereo, etc. you might want to consider leaving the stock frame in place and just gutting everything else. It isn't that heavy. However if you are doing this "just because," be sure to post pictures when you are done, it's rare to see anything other than stock. :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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