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Sup All. Ive been doing my own custom decals from home and getting better at it. Wondering if you would be interested on any custom decal works. Below are some of my work. I can beat any local decal shop in the Bay Area. For a pair (2x) 11x2 or 12x3 One color decals I only charge $14 shipped. Ofcourse smaller is cheaper. Just let me know. Thanks Darren

If you already an image on file. Just email it to me [email protected]

This one are All Black Theme:Mix of 5x1.5 and 8x2

Large 56x8 going to the side of a 10sec Drag Civic

And below are some that I can do :


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yep Carb Stickers would be nice... poopoos are too lazy to check if its legit lol

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could u make a decal with the SC300 outline and "CLUB LEXUS" in side the Supra/TSX Club/SRT-4 ones in first post?

and a Supra Forums sticker using the SF logo located at the top of page/screen.

In white for both.
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