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custom exhaust manifold?

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hey guys,

can anyone give me a ballpark cost on how much it would cost to fabricate a custom exhaust manifold that would cradle two T-78's as well as house two wastegates? thanks ahead of time.

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why do u want two wastegates?
would it be safe to run with just one? I guess that it's however the manifold would be constructed. If I could run with one instead of two then I would do that to help save space wherever I could.

I'm sure it would cost quite a bit, if made of stainless. I would assume atleast $2000 dollars for a quality piece. You dont need twin WG, just have your manifold have a runner from each collector to the WG(big one). The JUN supra had Twin T78's, why so much? what are you planning?
Well, I already have one T-78, and the upgraded fuel and coilovers will be here sometime after the new year. This year, I'm planning on turning the Supra into my project car. I started out just wanting to have a little more hp, but I know that'll not be enough. After the fuel and coilovers arrive, I'll take a couple of months to get used to the car (and save up a little cash) then start building the motor.

Carrillo rods
JUN forged pistons
hks metal head gasket
stage 3 cylinder head
272/272 cams
100 mm throttle body
102 mm intake manifold
125 shot direct port nitrous
9000 rpm rev limit made possible by G-force or Unichip
custom exhaust manifold cradling two T-78's

Top Secret Widebody kit, GT-300
Deep British Racing Green with Blue "sheen" paint scheme
19/10" fr, 19/13 rear HRE 543's

A lot of work and a lot more investment, but if I want the best to suit my needs, I think I just described it. I was really impressed when I saw Kieth Ta's sig a while back reading 700 someodd rwhp at 18 psi. I was floored. And if it's one thing that I have learned in this hobby/passion is that nothing is impossible. I really don't care about the lag, I mean, at full throttle if you start out at the proper rpm, then there is no lag. Well that's the palns for now and I'm sure that more accessories will follow.

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Well if you're doing topspeed trials at the salt flats than two T78s that won't spool until about 6000 rpms would be great!

It might actually be easier to do one WG per turbo, and definitely more healthy for the setup. Most twin setups allready come that way for a reason...
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