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Custom Fit Box

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Hey members,

I currently have two 12" kicker CVR's but since I just bought them I had Ult. Audio put them in a (crappy) Dual Sub Enclosure.

I want to have the custom set-up that's on their website. The one custom for the supra. I got a price quote that seemed a little high. If anyone knows the materials/how to build it, any help would be much appreciated.

If I can get a good deal, I am willing to pay for someone to create the same one for me.
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What was the quote?
This one? I am curious as well on the price. This looks to be standard box, cut the walls at 45 degrees top and bottom and cover in vinyl.
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Yea thats the one.

He quoted me about $1k for the whole thing. Im pretty sure I can find a better price somewhere else. They're great for some things, but others not so much.
1k for a wooden box? Look around if you want more custom. For 1k I got a fiberglass box molded to trunk and amp rack with pearl white paint with mdf wood in some places and carpet.
Someone paid $1000 for that? I hope that included that subs at least
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