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custom subs in supra

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here are pics of one of thomas's supra installs. he can provide details.

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That is a real sweet looking install. A real nice touch would be if those subs were installed flush. But they are still sweet. That amp beind the rear seats, does that power the subs only? If so, where would u put the other amp(s) for the speakers? Just curious how and where you installed everything.
Yeah, I totally agree. I should have flushed the subs out. It is the first real serious Supra system I had done and BELIEVE me.... the next one will be much nicer.

I currently have a PPI PC4400 running my front speakers (Focal Utopia 165W's) and rear fill (Focal 165V's). It is under the driver's seat.

The amp in the rear runs just the subs. In the picture I have a Power 800 running the subs. In the next couplea days or so I am going to replace it with a Rockford BD1000. The subs are JL Audio 10W3D6's

Thanks for the compliment.

Tom Kenyon
That looks great! How much?
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i dont understand why the image didnt come up but here is the link, if someone can explain to me i will really appreciate it. Thanks
Originally posted by Jesus:
how much for th sub box as it looks really sweet?
Originally posted by RanGer498:
<STRONG>how much for th sub box as it looks really sweet?</STRONG>
i cant tell and dont own a supra but is the back seat still there?? whats been taken out of this supra to allow the fittiment off the box?? would be nice to buy a box like this and have it shpped and then install it...could you build a box that would be specs to 3 10s or whatnot?? the subs i want take up like .6 something, not sure but i know its like .66 as far as space wise, i've been doing homework for the last 4 hours so my brain is fucked up and cant much space is in that box??
well lemme know as i would be interested in getting a box like this as i may be getting my supra this summer!!!!!!!!! yay
well i can tell the back seat is still there thats a fact what is gone is the side foam panels and the rear sub (plastic encloser) spare tire as well as great desighn woulsd allow for the spare to stay in as well but as you can see with this one you can still put the targa in the rear!
Originally posted by mystic:
<STRONG>i cant tell and dont own a supra but is the back seat still there?? whats been taken out of this supra to allow the fittiment off the box?? </STRONG>
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Labor and parts to build the rear portion of my car would run around $1500.

I am going to be selling the entire rear portion of my stereo setup with or without the subs to anyone interested.

(Probablly going to be around August or so...)

Anyone interested let me know

Thomas Kenyon
Custom Sounds
San Antonio, Texas
I have a few more questions for you Jesus...

Is the box for the Kicker subs divided?

What is the internal space of the box or each sub's enclosure?

Forgive me but I just didn't think it was possible to have the required air space for the Kicker Subs based on the amount of space you were working with in the rear portion of the MKIV.

Have any idea how much SPL you get with your setup?

Who did the install?

How much? (As was asked earlier)

Thomas Kenyon
Custom Sounds
San Antonio, Texas
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thomas kenyon, that looks nice :cool: is the sound quality?
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