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Customizing DP's, and Exhausts!!

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Does anyone have any idea or information about the performances you get with customized downpipes, and exhausts? The reason is I met this new friend who specializes in making customized mufflers, he said he can make anything I need for my DAWG. Should I take him a picture of what I want him to make for me, or should I not even mess with it???:rolleyes:
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Get him to do it. The exhaust routing of a MKIV is so simple he should be able to do it without a problem. Just use a good straight type cat-back as a design basis (Apexi N1, Tanabe Racing Medallion).
Should I show him a picture of what I want, or should he desighn it himself? Anyone done customized work like that before?:cool:
First of all, make sure he can do "mandrel" bends, vs "crimp" bends. Crimp bends reduce the inner pipe diameter, and don't flow as good as mandrel bent pipes.

Also, make sure he can get nice and thick 3" metric flanges, there is no SAE exhaust flange that exactly matches upgraded exhaust flanges on our cars.

On top of labot/material cost, You will still need a muffler, something that looks and sounds nice.

I say go buy APEXi N1 exhaust for $400 and forget about it.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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