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Signup at : now!!

The DFW RX-7 Club is organizing their semi-annual DYNO DAY again this year!

Date: Sunday October 21st 2001
Time: 9:30am
Where: Rotary Performance ( @ Garland,TX)
Price: $35/ 2 pulls
# of cars: 50 max

There will be BBQ and drinks available for FREE during the event!

**75% of the money goes to a charity to help the victims of September 11th. The rest of the 25% will go to dfw-rx7 club to pay for the expenses and food. **

Here are the prizes that will be awarded:
Highest hp All Motor Mazda ($30)
Highest hp power adders Mazda ($40)
Highest hp overall street car ($50)

Also, to keep everybody happy, the awards only go to a 'street driven' car. No FWD cars will be allowed to participate the event.

To help out, we could use donations of food and drinks for the BBQ. We will also be taking extra donations to go to the charity fund if you desire.

Signup at : now!!

-Stephen Edmondson
[email protected]

D/FW Rx-7 Club Webmaster
’00 BMW M Coupe
(Former rx-7 & turbo miata owner)
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